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Automotive & Service Work
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Engine Hoist

Designed to cherry pick the engine right out of the engine bay of your car, truck, tractor or any other piece of equipment. On wheels with adjustable arm and legs for different sizes vehicles.

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3 Ton Transmission Jack

Our 3 ton hydraulic automotive jack is a quick and safe way to remove a transmission and or transfer-case from your vehicle. Great for home use, always use wheel chucks and exercise caution.

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Specialty Jacks

We have a hydraulic bottle jack and a screw style jack for heavy straight lifting. Prop a support beam, lift a project piece or piece of machinery easily.

Light mechanic work, equipment service work, lawn and garden service work, snow blower service, lawn mower service work, weedwhacker service work, saw service, heavy duty equipment repair, equipment repair, equipment service, 2 stroke service repair, small motor repair, small machine repair, service repair equipment

Service Work

Got a piece of equipment that needs service or repair work? BRING IT IN! Our lead mechanic will check it over and give you a diagnosis. All small engines, trimmers, chippers, saw, generators, snow blowers, Bobcats and the like are welcome.

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