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Kerosene Heater 165,000 btu

This kerosense heater on wheels will really heat things up in a hurry. Blowing 165,000 btu's set this up and let the heat rise. Several in stock ready to rent, great for the shop or warehouse

Propane Shop Heater

Electric w/ Propane Heater 100,000 btu

These heaters use large propane tanks as their fuel source and plug into any standard outlet for their ignition and blower motor power. Very efficient in heating large areas the 100k btu heaters run as long as you need. Great for heating up tents and large spaces where work has to get done but the cold isn't invited!

Electric w/ Propane Heaters

Offered in a large 170,000k btu and a smaller 80,000k btu version these heaters will pump out the heat for you, indoor or outdoor. Propane is piped in as fuel and a standard 3 prong outlet is needed for the heater blower motor and spark. Great heaters for any larger space.  

Outdoor Stand-up Patio Heater

Expand your party space outdoors with some propane patio heaters. Use the easy lite push button striker to light it. Then use the turn dial to control the heat output. They run off a standard grill propane tank, use your own or rent one with each unit.

Commercial Fans

Whether you need big air flow, trying to dry large areas or just want fans on hand for an event, we rent a couple types. Choose from a 30" pedestal fan or an 18" 3 speed floor fan. Both are commercial grade with high output blades. Need extra long extension cords? Ask us, we have them to rent.

Shop & Commercial Vacuums

Cleaning up can be a challenge if you don't have the right equipment. Don't ruin a house vacuum cleaning up dust, debris and water. Call us and use our shop and commercial vac's to do that for you.

Upholstery Cleaner

Cleaning stains from chairs, couches and fabric covered items can be tricky but this machine gives you the opportunity to restore things back to new.The u upholstery cleaner is a fast effective tool for the job!

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