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Lawn & Garden

5hp & 8hp Auger 4"-12" bit

Yard auger great for poles and other post drilling needs. We offer a 5hp and an 8hp version. Both have a torsion arm to make operation easier and come with an option of 4" up to 12"  diameter bits.

Hydro Auger 11 hp

Need some assistance and a little more punch from your auger? This one has the hydro assist and an 11 hp motor to drive it all. Select from a 4" to a 12" attachment and get the job done easily today.


The edger is a great finishing tool for any lawn and garden project. Easy push rubber wheels and easy reach operation lever make it a simple machine to finish off your project with.

Cultivator - 2 Cycle or Electric

Need to turn up a little soil or sand but its too time consuming and back breaking by hand? Use one of our cultivators. We have a gas powered 2 cycle or an electric version for smaller jobs.


We have two versions of dethatchers available for rent. We offer the push behind and the self propelled for an easier time. Get the dead grass and debris out of the way so new grass can grow and flurish.

Hedge Trimmers

Electric and gas powered hedge trimmers. We offer a few different sizes including our long arm pole saw. Call for availability today.

Self Propelled Bagger Push Mower

Perfect for that fall or spring yard clean up at home. Bagger attachment makes leaf and debris cleanup easy to collect and dump. The mower is self propelled to ease operator stress and comes with a full tank to get you started. Stop in to pick it up today.

9 & 13 hp Push Behind Leaf Blower

Our push behind industrial leaf blowers can clear a yard, field or parking lot in no time. Choose how much power you need and either pick them up or ask for delivery! Available with an 8, 11 or 13 hp gas powered motorand ready to go with a full tank to start you out.

Backpack Leaf Blower

The gas powered home or light industrial use trigger controlled leaf blower is a popular one. Light weight for its size and very reliable. Call today to reserve for your yard clean up before someone else does.

Handheld Leaf BLower

A simple handheld but powerful leaf blower is great for any home owner. Sidewalks, side yards and garage spaces can be cleared out in minutes. Trigger powered and runs on gas for easy refilling. Comes with a full tank ready to use.

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

The Billy Goat leaf vac sucks up the leaves and compacts them into the bagger for super fast and super easy leaf removal. Able to run and dump pile after pile all day long at home or on the job. Gas powered and easy to operate.

Spyker Hydo Drive Overseeder

For precise seed to soil contact without having to push the machine all over, get the Spyker hydro drive overseeder. It makes a tiring task easier and faster with its easy seed design.

Push Behind Overseeder

The push behind overseeder is great for smaller areas where you don't want the noise of a hydro drive. Direct contact into the ground without any worry or mess this machine is a great home owner option.

Weedwhacker Trimmers

Whether for home use or on the job site our weedwhacker trimmers are up for the job. Available with a string head or blade style for small brush and branch clearing, both are gas powered.

Tow Behind Lawn Plugger

Our tow behind plugger aerator is designed to tow smoothly behind your lawn tractor or atv. Manual height adjustment with easy to match notches on each side.

Walk Behind Plugger

Great for home use and small ares where a smaller and easy to maneuver machine is best. The walk behind aerator is a popular weekend rental!

Push Behind Yard Roller - Steel

Fill with water to your desired weight and firm up the soil and dirt as needed. Estimates say when the roller is half full of water you're firming up the top 1-2" depending on soil density.

Brush Cutter

The Outback brush cutter is great for clearing off hillsides, overgrown fence rows and neglected yards. Trim down bushes, small trees and tall thick grass like nothing with this brush clearing machine.

Sod Cutter

Clean flat sections of turf can be easily pulled up with the walk behind sod cutter we offer. cut beautiful sections out for reuse as ou need easily with this machine.

Manual Sod Cutter

Hand and foot operated manual sod cutter. Good for small jobs and really home owner friendly due to its size. Digs below the surface into the soil and roots leaving you nice clean cuts of fresh sod.

Broadcast Style Spreaders

Perfect for spreading any seed or fertilizer, we carry a push and a tow behind broadcast spreader for your needs. Control the spread with a manual lever for optimum coverage.

Tow Behind Drop Spreader

The tow behind drop style spreader works great in the yard. Hooks up to any mower or other machine with a drop pin style hitch. Adjust the amount of product spread with the manual controls as you go.

Liquid Sprayers

Depending on your work area we have two different types of liquid spreaders. We have a 5 gallon push behind and a 16 gallon tow behind. The tow behind uses a simple drop pin hook up and both spreaders have manual flow controls.

York Rake

Tow behind your yard machine for a smooth raked finish. Drop pin style hook up makes it ideal for the home or job site. Steel fingers on this York Rake make for a great finish. Manual height adjustment levers are easy to set.

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