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Hammer & Rotary Drills

1/2" Hammer Drill

Our electric 1/2" Hammer drill is home and contractor friendly. Call to rent today.

12lb Electric Hammer Drill

The 12lb electric hammer drill or chipping hammer is a great tool for demo work. Different attachments available here for rent.

22lb Electric Hammer Drill

The 22lb electric hammer drill or chipping hammer is a great tool for demo work.The 22lb version packs a big enough punch for most demo needs. Different attachments available here for rent.

1 1/8" 35lb Electric Jack Hammer

This 1 1/8" 35lb electric jack hammer is the real deal. Electric so its safe to use indoors but lacks no punch or power. Several bits in stock for use, call us or email us for questions and availability.

Bosh 65 lb Jack Hammer.PNG

1  1/8" 65lb Electric Jack Hammer by Bosch

The 1 1/8" Electric 65lb Jack Hammer is a real beast on the job site. Great for indoor demo work being electric but strong enough for indoor or outdoor contractor use. Several bits available for rent.

30lb 1" Air Hammer

Hand held 30lb air hammers can breakthrough walls and block easily.  This takes a 1" bit, several styles and shapes to chose from.

60lb & 90lb 1 1/4" Air Hammers

For full scale demo jobs we have the air powered 60lb and  90lb air hammers. 1 1/4" bit size with several in stock for use with machine.

Air Hammer Chipper

A horizontal jack hammer, the air hammer chipper is a powerful tool. Designed for total demo on the job site. Chipper chisel tips also come with the machine.

Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer will drill and hammer down pressure to keep the bit driving into the material faster than just a drill can. We offer two types, one that takes up to a 1 1/2" bit and our other has a 2" bit or a 5" core.

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