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Banquet Table 6' & 8'

Banquet or buffet tables are the back bone of many parties! Available in 6 foot and 8 foot lengths they are perfect for seating, food and bar stations. We stock and offer a complete line of linen sizes, colors and designs for all tables.

Conference Table 6' & 8'

Just like a banquet table but thinner to leave more space for moving around. The conference tables come in 6' and 8' lengths with wood tops and metal folding legs.  

Round Tables

The perfect table for seating as many guests as possible. Our round tables have tucked under legs so no guests end up with a bad seat. Below shows the recommended number of chairs per table. We stock and offer a complete line of linen sizes, colors and designs for all tables.

36" - Cake / Appetizer table

48" - Six - Eight chairs

60" - Eight - Ten chairs

72" - Ten - Twelve chairs

Square Tables

Our square wooden tables are very sturdy and work great for auxiliary surface area. Use these for as a space for gifts, cocktail bar, appetizers or a desert table without eating up all your floor space. Measuring about 60" by 60" these are versatile folding leg tables that can seat 8 comfortably. 

Square 60" - Eight chairs

High Top Tables

These high top tables come in a couple widths to fit your needs. They are perfect for standing guests, appetizer stations or extra surface area indoor and out. Choose from a 30" or 36" tops, both stand at 42" on sturdy bases. 

Card Table

Your traditional folding leg card table is ready for rent. Inexpensive and versatile these light weight tables are perfect for gifts and food. 36" x 36" and sitting on aluminum legs its sturdy and convenient. 

Serpentine Table

A unique shape the serpentine table is ideal for a serving station. Its curved to allow maximum front facing area with a carved out space for someone to offer up food and drinks from behind. They have folding legs with a wooden tops. 

Half Round Table

A half round is a real space saver for food, gift and drink stations. Put them anywhere you need flush against a wall or stage area giving you a flat surface without eating up the walking space, these are half 60" rounds. 

1/4 Round Table

The 1/4 wooden tables fit perfectly into the corner with all the comfort of knowing its sturdy frame will hold any amount of food or gifts you need it to. 

Childrens Table

Just like our standard tables but with shorter legs to help the younger guests enjoy their meals and crafts easily. Available in 6' and 8' lengths, check out our matching children's chairs as well.

Click For Child Size Seats

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