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Glassware & Bars

Browse the group pictures below to see which style suits your event best.


Cabernet styles are available in: 16oz wine, 12oz wine, 16oz balloon, 5.75oz Champagne Flute, 13.5oz All Purpose, 11.5oz Highball, 10.5 oz Rocks

Glass Accessories

Candle Holder, Olive Oil Pourer, Serving Bowl 12in, Hurricane, Votive plain, Votive gold rim, Wine Carafe, Cheese Shaker

Le Grande

Le Grande is available in: 16oz wine, 12.5oz wine, 14oz balloon, 6oz Flute, 9oz Tulip Champagne, 6oz Tulip Champagne, 9oz Margarita


Meridien is available in: 6oz Champagne Flute, 1.25oz Cordial, 6oz Wine, 9oz Water Goblet, 9.5oz Rocks, 11oz Highball


Soho is available in: 10.5oz Goblet, 8.5 oz Wine, 5.5 oz Champagne Flute, 12oz Pilsner, 10oz Dessert


Non-Stemmed is available in: 12oz Beer Mug, 10&12oz Highball, 10&12oz Rocks, 8&11oz Pilsner, Punch Cup, 14oz Cosmopolitan


Stemware is available in: 12oz Beer, 12oz Brandy, 11.5oz Goblet, 6oz Martini, 10oz Martini, 8.25oz Irish Coffee, 8.5 oz Wine, 4oz Wine, Sherbet, 1oz Cordial

Black & White Pop-up Bars

Black and White pop up bars are sturdy and portable so they can be set up anywhere, inside or out.  If weather is a concern, ask about our canopies that can cover the bar and guests.

hammered drink set up hot orcold drink dispensor in a hammered shinny finish

Hammered Bar Accessories

Really make a statement with a hammered design full beverage station on the table or bar.

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