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Drain Snakes & Pipe Fitting Tools

Auger Snake - Hand Crank

Clogged sink pipe or P-Trap drain that needs a snake to unclog? Try our hand crank version. Great for toilet blockage and is super easy to use. The end is covered in rubber to prevent scratching of porcelain.

X25 Handy Crank Drain Auger

Have a persistent clog in or beyond the P-Trap? This hand crank drain auger will reach the issue. Strong enough for most any issue and hand crank operation so no power tools are needed. This comes with 25' of snake.

Super-Vee Drain Drill

Use this with either our 1/4" x 35' drum or 3/8" x 45' drum snake attachment. Clears out clogs with no hand cranking effort. Plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Easy Rooter Jr.

The Easy Rooter Jr. drain snake measures 1/2" x 75'. Its a powered drain snake making drain clearing easy.

Easy Rooter

The Easy Rooter is designed for 3" - 10" wide pipes and can clear the worst clogs. Easy to use ppower drain snake measures 3/8" x 100'.

H/D Plumbing Snake

This is a professional grade drain snake. Attach 10' sections of snake as need to this self driven H/D drain snake. Not for home plumbing use.

Cast Iron Pipe Cutter

The solid cast iron pipe cutter will do exactly as the title states. Cut cast iron pipe easily and cleanly with this pipe cutter.

Pipe Threaders

Whether you want to do it by hand or with a pipe threading machine we got you covered. Both the manual and the power pipe threader are great for home or contractor use, call to rent today.

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