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Tents, Canopies, Stages & Dance Floors

Whats the difference between a Tent and a Do-It-Yourself Canopy?

Installed Frame Tents: Using photos & site inspections we plan ahead. All tents are delivered, set-up & broken down by our crew.  Tents use one piece poles & photo friendly, thick white vinyl tops. Installation on grass & flat paved surfaces available. Pricing will include all set-up, breakdown & delivery costs based on location. Sides, lighting & heat available.

DIY Canopy: Do-It-Yourself canopies make great cover on any grassy surface for less! Set up on all canopies can be done with 2 people in under an hour. Instructions are easy to follow & with materials being lighter weight than a full tent this allows for an easy set-up. Multi-piece poles & sewn in tether ropes make lifting up & staking these down a breeze. Please leave yourself 6-8' perimeter for proper stake placement. Keep the sun, rain & wind at bay for less! Installation requires stakes to be in ground, not meant for hard surfaces. Sides not  available on DIY canopies. 

Do-It-Yourself Canopy

Perfect back yard option. A do-it-yourself tent is a budget friendly way to keep everyone out of the elements.

Looking to save some money and still protect you and your guests from the elements? A do-it-yourself canopy is a perfect way to cover food, guests, DJ's, bar areas and save money doing it! Please call for available sizes and pricing.


Installs range from 1 to 2 hours depending on size and number of helpers! 2 people are recommended and 3 will make it a breeze! 


Available in 16'x16', 20'x20', 20'x30' & 20'x40' in all white or white & yellow

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All Purpose DO-It-Yourself Canopy

The all purpose canopy can be sized in many different configurations. Give us a call or email us with any questions and details on your events and we can help you get the correct size. Available in 16'x16', 20'x20', 20'x30' & 20'x40' in all white or white & yellow.

Below are Tents installed by

Taylor Rental

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White Fiesta Tent

Large enough to keep you covered and out of the elements. All of these are very versatile tents and very popular! Safely stakes into the ground or ask about weights for paved areas. 

This tent style is available in many configurations from 12'x12' to 60'x80'.

Lighting always available.

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Century Pole Tent

A white Century Pole Tent looks amazing anywhere! Plenty of room for guests and tables and presents well in photos. Able to fit dance floors, stages and hundreds of guest. The pole tents are a huge hit!

This tent style is available in a 12'x12' up to 60'x80' or larger.

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Marquee Entrance

The Marquee entrance is great for many reasons. It works well on a tent with sides to help identify your door way, it adds cover from the elements for those waiting to enter and it adds a great deal of style to your tent! Pricing is subject to each job, please call to give us details and get a quote!

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Pavilion Fiesta Style Awning

The Pavilion Fiesta style awning turns any uncovered patio or patch of grass that's right off a structure into a shaded sitting area. Absolutely ideal for food and drink stations as well as a place to set up chairs and tables out of the elements.  We provide set-up and tear down of all awnings.

Want to learn more or view our full selection? Get in touch and stop by the shop today.

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Tent Sides & Doorways

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We can put sides on any tent we carry, with or without windows. Need a door way? No problem, talk to us today and we can configure it to suit your needs. Inexpensive and available on any tent we set up.

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