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Compressors, Pumps & Generators

Ingersoll Rand Tow Behind Air Compressor

The Tow-Behind 185CFM Diesel Ingersoll Rand compressor is for the big jobs. Ready to tow to the job or available for delivery. Smaller job site compressors also available, call or email us for current stock.

5 & 8 HP Portable Compressor

From nail guns and staple guns to all other medium sized machines this compressor is the one. It is available in the 5 and 8 hp models.

4hp Dewalt Air Compressor

The Dewalt 4hp medium duty air compressor is still portable with its easy grab top mounted handle but packs more punch than the other models.

3/4hp & 1.5hp Portable Air Compressor

These are very portable and great for single tool use around the site. Also work great for clearing water and debris in hoses, lines and pumps.

Honda Quiet Generators

Great for keeping the phones charged and the movie player playing all night long. Best part is the 1000w and 2000w Honda generators are fitter with the quietest case and muffler around to limit the disturbance.

Contractor Generators

We  offer three levels of our portable contractor generators.We stock 2300w, 3600w and 6000w models. From tools and equipment down to appliances and chargers we have different models to suit your needs.

Submersible Electric Pumps

Our drop and go submersible electric pumps range in size from 1" to 2" diameter. They are perfect for clearing out flooded areas and filling of pools and ponds. These pumps work great and use the water they are pumping to stay cool. Please be sure to not run them dry to avoid any issues with your project!

Gas Powered Pumps 1" & 1.5"

Our gas powered 1" and 1.5" pumps are great when you can't get power to the area but you need it dry fast. Easy start and very reliable these are great for home or contractor use.

Gas Powered 2" & 3" Trash Pumps

Got a sludgy problem or a grease trap you can't get clear? Try one of our gas powered trash pumps to get the debris out of the way. Available in 2" and 3" diameter to fit your job.

Diaphragm Style 2" Pump

Here's a pump designed for moving viscous liquids easily. The diaphragm pump operates differently that other styles allowing it to push oily thicker liquids without overheating.

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