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Chippers & Splitters
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85 hp 12" Chipper

This diesel powered chipper is the real deal. Bring your work truck or have us deliver it for you ready to use. This 85 hp chipper is capable of chipping up branches that are  12" in diameter, even fresh cut, and will run all day.

NOTE: This chipper requires a vehicle capable of towing 6500lbs plus the weight of the towing vehicle. Most 2500 series and F250's can pull this with the proper hitch.

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25 hp 6" Chipper

This gas powered chipper is easy to tow and great for home use or a light tree and bush clean up job. A 25 hp motor allows it to chip up to 6" diameter logs without issue.

NOTE: This chipper requires a vehicle capable of towing 1800lbs plus the weight of the towing vehicle. Most full size SUV's and all 1500 series and F150's can pull this with the proper hitch.

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Traditional Log Splitter

The traditional horizontal style log splitter is a great choice for fresh cut or old seasoned logs. This can split logs quickly with the easy to load log tray and its hydraulic controls.

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Verticle Log Splitter

If you don't want to lift those heavy larger logs, then rent the vertical log splitter and save your back. A popular splitter this can split in the traditional horizontal way or tilt it down to split vertically. No lose of power or performance just pull a pin and rotate the machine!

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