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Concrete & Masonry

Cut n' Break Husqvarna Saw

Cutting through stone, brick and concrete is no challenge with a Husqvarna cut n' break saw. We offer blades and advice on  which saw is best fro you job, give us a call or shoot us an email!

Cut Off Saw Husqvarna

Cutting pipe, steel rod and other tough material then try the Husqvarna cut off saw. We offer seeral blades in stock for your different jobs.

14" Dry Paver Saw

The 14" dry paver saw is a versatile item. Sturdy base combined with the 14" interchangeable blade allows you to dry cut masonry items without issues.

14" Wet Paver Saws - Gas & Electric

Cutting indoor or outdoor we have the wet paver saw for you. Both come with stands and we offer several blades. Use the gas for outdoor use or the electric for indoor and outdoor. 14" diameter for both saws.

Walk Behind Saw

Walk behind industrial masonry cutter. We have a 14" and 16" blades with adjustable height control levers. Gas powered machine, industrial use.

Electric Concrete Grinder

The walk behind electric concrete grinder does the job efficiently. Industrial grade machine easily smooths and grinds layers of concrete off as you go.

Concrete Vibrator

When laying a concrete slab its very important to get all the air bubbles out for a level and structurally sound final product. Rent the concrete vibrator and kick all the air to the surface before it cures.

Bull Float

Level off and smooth over that top layer of concrete with our traditional bull float. Easy to hold and light weight.

6 cu ft Concrete Mixer - Gas

This tow behind gas powered concrete mixer is ready to go. Its a 6 cubic foot mixer and is industrial strength quality.

3.5 cu ft Concrete Mixer - Electric

The 3.5 cu ft concrete mixer is an electric unit so its safe to use indoors or out. Light weight so it can be pushed around the job site as needed and good for home or contractor use.

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