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Pressure Washers & Attachments

1500psi, 2500psi & 4000psi Pressure Washers

We have our lighter duty 1500psi and a medium duty contractor recommended 2500psi or 4000psi roll about gas pressure washers ready for rent. Great for cleaning siding, decks and pavement both have the option to loop in your solution for a water cleaner mixture. Both come with trigger handle wand.

4000psi Heated Pressure Washer

The 4000psi heated heavy duty pressure washer will strip and clean most surfaces quickly. Use with or without heat option and comes with trigger handle wand.

Pressure Washer Telescoping Arm

Need more reach out of your pressure washer arm? This will extend your reach to over triple what the standard arm can do without losing pressure.

Pressure Washer Chemical Injector with Hose

Want to run your favorite cleaner or chemical in your mix? No problem just use the chemical injector set up here for a seamless mixture.

Surface Cleaner Power Washer Attachment.

Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment

Hand scrubbing is for the birds! Grab this attachment for stains and oils you need to scrub off your hard surface. Like a sweeping floor with high pressure scrubbing power!

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