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Scaffolding, Jacks, Material Handling Lifts & Dollies

Indoor & Outdoor Scaffolding

Indoor and outdoor scaffolding with all the safety guards, extensions and platforms you need are in stock. We have wheels, leveling jacks, outriggers and planks to go with indoor and outdoor scaffolding as well. 

Drywall Cart & Lift

Make your job easier and rent yourself a drywall cart and the drywall lift. No sense in carrying drywall sheets all over the site and then trying to hold them in place. Use the cart to hold a dozen or more sheets and use the lift for wall and ceiling installs. No help needed!

Piano Dolly

Designed for moving up right or traditional pianos. Its specific design makes a daunting task go smoothly.


Appliance dollies, hand truck dollies and four wheel caster dollies are readily available for rent. There is no reason to strain yourself and bang into walls and doors when we can rent you whatever type of dolly your job requires.

Johnson Pry Bar

The wooden Johnson Pry Bar is super strong but light enough to maneuver. Comes with the pivot pulley and metal foot to lift and scoot objects more easily.

Pallet Jack

Industrial strength hydraulic pallet jack. Full sized arms with new style easy roll wheels, heavy duty construction.

Specialty Jacks

We have a hydraulic bottle jack and a screw style jack for heavy straight lifting. Prop a support beam, lift a project piece or piece of machinery easily.

Folding Aluminum Loading Ramps

Loading up a piece of equipment  or just want to roll your dolly right onto the truck or dock? Check out our two folding 8' ramps or single wide 14' platform ramp today. The 8' ramps can hold 1000 lbs (500 each) and the 14' can hold 1400 lbs.

Genie Personnel Lift 24'

With its personnel basket the Genie lift is able to take you 24' up. Reach roofs, lights, hang banners or conduct inspections of those high hard to reach areas. joy stick controls make it simple to operate.

Genie Scissor Lift 26'

The Genie scissor lift has a 26' reach and can hold two guys and all their equipment with ease. Used indoors and out the versatile scissor lift uses joystick style controls and can be picked up or delivered as needed.

Material Lift 18' & 24'

Looking to lift material up to the next story or onto the roof? Offered in two sizes we have the manual hand crank material lifts for rent. Available in an 18' and a 24' they are stable and can lift beams and pipe, bags of cement or shingles with ease.

Suction Cups

They are rented in pairs and are great for moving glass and other flat smooth surface items. The suction cup handles are easy to use and have the ability to carry a couple hundred pounds.

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