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Conference & Event Specialty Items

Pipe & Drape Set-ups

Whether you want to create a private room, a dedicated walk way or block off unsightly areas we have several colors of pipe and drape to offer. 8 foot height or knee high 3 foot walk way height with variable length sections allow you to customize as needed. We stock Black, Ivory, Burgandy & Royal Blue and can order any color you need with a little notice.

Rolling Expanding Coat Rack & Hangers

Perfect anyplace you need extra clothing or coat storage. We offer wooden and wire hangers for rent also. These rack have expandable arms and caster wheels for lots of storage and quick maneuverability. Available with or without coat rack rental are our wooden or heavy duty wire hangers. 


Several types of podiums are in stock. We offer full floor to chest height and table top podiums. We have them with amplification and without. Standard 3 prong outlet is all that is needed for the amplified versions to send power to your speakers. Don't have the right speakers? We do! Cable, speakers and microphones are also available from us.

PA System & Portable Sound System

Two ways to go when it comes to getting the message to the masses, loud and louder! We offer a portable smaller unit with all in one speaker and amplification or the stand up tripod speakers and sound board for larger and outdoor events.

Styled Wedding Arch

Designed with style and functionality in mind we rent this beautiful white wedding arch all year around. Designed to look great in photos and allows for all your decorations to be hung and draped over with its sturdy stance. It stands 7' 3" at the center, is 4' wide and is a little over 2' deep. Sets-up well indoors and out! 

Stanchions w/ Chain Rope

Blocking off an area, making a walk way or highlighting the centerpiece of the show? Choose between out Chrome pole and base with a Red Velvet rope, our Black pole with thick plastic chain rope, or our White pole and chain rope stanchion set-ups. Heavy bases attach to the poles where the ropes clips on for a professional finished appearance.

Brass Raffle Drum

The brass rolling raffle drum works great for thousands of tickets or names on paper or cardstock. Sit this on a podium or table, spin the handle and open the locking flap when you're ready to grab the winner!

Ribbon Cutting Scissors

Giant sharp scissors are waiting for your next ribbon cutting ceremony. Reserve them today for your big moment!

Display Easels & Dry Erase

Some events require extra display space or large pictures or notes for directions. With our display board and dry erase boards you can set up, write down or show off your large poster like items properly. Several dozen in stock, make a reservation for your event today.

LCD Projector

This LCD projector has adjustable feet and auto focus to match-up with your screen for a crystal clear projection. USB plug in for easy hook up to your device.

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