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Electrical Appliances & Accessories

Warming Lamp & Carving Station

Rented as two separate pieces but always available are the Heating Lams and Cutting Boards. Plug in any standard 3 prong outlet and clips onto the side of any table or counter with a clip/safety screw design.

Convection Oven

Great table top convection oven. stainless steel outer case to protect you from the heat, just like a high quaility toaster, with 3 racks of convection cooking for your use. Several in stock, make a reservation today.

4 cu. ft. Fridge

A 4 cubic foot mini fridge, stylish and cold! Perfect for any tight space or as a back up refrigerator.

Warming Cabinet Rolling w/ Tray Slots

Get a sterno or plug in electric warming cabinet to keep all your evenings food piping hot. Ask us about the best type for your event, we'll make sure you have all the right equipment to keep everything hot and fresh.

Soup Kettle Warmers

Our 8.5 qt soup kettles will keep your soup or stew warm even while its being served. Easy and convenient our electric soup warmers are great for any setting.

Electric Hot Plate

This electric hot plate can be dialed in from warm to hot and plugs into any standard wall outlet. Rubber feet keep it from scratching counter tops and keep it elevated to prevent heating up the surface below.

Salton Warming Tray

The Salton warming tray plugs into any standard outlet and is great for keeping meats warm while laying out to be served. Dual zoned and large enough for a full spread of meats or warm pastries to be kept hot for hours.

Electric Roaster

 Perfect for indoor cooking the electric roaster is compact and works great. Easily control the temperature with the front dial. Plugs into standard house outlets. 

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