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Effects Machines & Misc. Items

Bubble Machine

Whether you're having a birthday or just said 'I DO' a bubble storm is a fun and safe way to show off your happiness! Make a fun event more fun with a bubble machine filling the air with colorful bubbles. We do have bubble solution in stock as well, return any unopened bottles for a full refund.

Fog Machine & Fog Juice

Fog machines aren't just cool around Halloween, especially if you have or are renting lighting! Set the dial to control how much fog is dispensed and watch the room or the yard take on a mysterious look. We have all the fog juice your party could need. Return any unopened containers for a full refund.

Stars in the Sky Light Ball

Put a beautiful rotating arrangement of stars on the ceiling or the wall with the Star Light stars in the sky light ball. Rotates to keep it interesting and bright enough to project to the top of a tent!

Cooking Pots

We have all the Pots for your clam bake or big cook out in stock for you today! Don't buy giant pots for one day, let us help you out.

Round Mirror Universal Display

A round mirror display piece is great for adding life to the table. Shows off the underside of decorative plates and bowls and throws light brilliantly brightening up the room!

Waiter Tray & Stand

Just like you see at restaurants and catering events we offer the waiter stand and trays. Sturdy and clean these are ready to go for you.

Salad Bar - Ice Tray

Keep your cold items chilled with our ice tray/salad tray. Absolutely perfect no matter how hot the weather, load it up with ice and let the tray do all the work.

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