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Saws & Cutters, Dehumidifiers & Floor Machines

Husqvarna Chop Saw

 Cutting stone, concrete or whatever the job calls for is not a problem with a Husqvarna gas powered chop saw. Make a reservation today and get any and all the blades you need right here. 

16" Makita Circular Saw

Large size 16" blade options allow you to cut woods and plastics easily. We stock whatever blades you need in stock.

Bosch Brute.png

Bosch Jackhammer - Electric

The Bosch 65 lb Jackhammer will break up concrete, stone pavement, rock and other surfaces you need broken up to remove. Different tips available here, just let us know what types you'll need.

Drum Floor Sander

The drum floor sander is an aggressive stand up floor sander. This is designed to do more than rough up and remove the top layer, this will remove measurable amounts of wood per pass. Great for refinishing old warped or gouged wood surfaces.

Edger Floor Sander

The edger floor sander is usually paired with the drum sander above. This is meant to get into the corners and run along the baseboard to sand and plane warped boards. It will strip measurable layers of wood with each pass.

Orbital Sander

Simple to use stand up orbital sander. They have a trigger on the handle and feature a bag for collecting of dust if desired.

U-Sand Stand Up Sander

The U-Sand sander is a stand up model that uses the weight and movement of the machine to do more of the work making it easier on the user. Professional results every time with less effort.

Floor Stripper - Power

Our electric floor strippers are industrial grade and get the job done quick. Pads available here as well, stop in  today.

Floor Polishers

Nothing like seeing the finished product shine like glass. After all the hard works done make sure you rent either our 13" or 17" floor buffer to bring the floor to its full luster!

Vinyl Tile Cutter

Great for the home or job site. The industrial grade vinyl tile cutter we rent is a great cutting tool.

Tile Roller

Flatten out the tile of any material with this tile roller. Save yourself time and finish the job off by smoothing everything over with a tile roller.

Wet Tile Cutters

In stock we offer 3 wet saws for different job needs. With cutting abilities up to 24" just tell us what you need and we'll guide you into the right saw.


We rent three different size dehumidifiers to fit your needs. We rent 10, 15 and 30 gallon units. Let us know how many you need and we will have them ready to pick up or drop them off ASAP.

Carpet Power Stretcher

The carpet power stretcher includes all the necessary  attachments to install carpet without all the manual labor.

Carpet Knee Kicker

No carpet install is complete until its tacked down and stretched to the edges. The carpet knee kicker is the essential tool for that. Thick pad and a super sturdy end make this the right tool for the job.

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